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Rotary Dryers & Coolers

Rotary Dryers & Coolers
Rotary Dryers & Coolers
Price And Quantity
  • 25000.00 - 150000.00 USD ($)
Product Specifications
  • Yes
  • High Efficiency, Lower Energy Consumption, Low Noise, High Performance, Stable Operation
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Product Description

We are exporter and manufacturer of Rotary Dryers & Coolers mainly in countries Philippines,United States,Tanzania, Australia, Egypt, Argentina, Bolivia,Thailand, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Libya, Kenya, United Kingdom, Zambia etc. We are exporting Rotary Dryers & Coolers to fulfill our buyers requirement on regular basis .

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Our company is recognized as the astonishing manufacturer and exporter of Rotary Dryers and Coolers, used for cooling of free flowing materials by introducing cooling media directly onto the processing material. Various types of fuels are used for firing these dryers and are ideally designed for rough applications. Our Rotary Dryers and Coolers are available in number of configurations and specifications as per the requirement of the patrons.


An industrial Rotary Cooler or Dryer is an equipment used for cooling / drying of free flowing materials, with the help of cooling / drying media, placed directly onto the processing materials. Dryer rotates and experiences the material to be cooled or dried, and the material is raised up through a series of interior wall inner fins lining of the dryer. There are mainly two types of the dryer including Direct Heaters/Coolers and Indirect Heaters/Coolers. These rotary coolers or dryers are incorporated with a rotating shell, which plays the role of stirrer as well as conveying device.

Working Principal:

The material is cooled or dried in direct contact with cooling or drying media, in direct coolers / heaters. There are two stationary hood, one is stationary inlet hood at one end to admit cooling or drying media and another is discharge hood to taken out the media at the other end. Also, the feed process is achieved through a proper feeding mechanism like a simple chute or screw feeder. Specially designed material showering mechanism is provided to the rotating shell. Shell rotating and inclination speed serve forward motion of the material to discharge end, creating needed act time. The stationary hood is well integrated with suitable equipment like rotary valve / flap valve / screw conveyor etc.

In indirect coolers, the material to be dried does not experience any direct interaction with the drying media. With proper drive arrangement, the dryer or cooler comprises of an assembly of two concentric revolving shells, effectively based on rollers and tyre stations. A stationary inlet feed hood is used for feeding with suitable feeding mechanism such as screw feeder or flap valve. The drying media is fed through a inner shell, and move towards the discharge end, it then again returns to feed-end with the help of a specially designed return gas section, placed on the outer-shell interior. The inner shell radial lifters are specifically designed for feed material showering. Forward move of the material towards discharge-end is attained with shell inclination and rotating speed.

General Design Features:

These industrial coolers / dryers are fabricated by using steel and are of large rotating cylindrical tube, either backed by solid steel pillars / beams, or supporting rollers. Suitable drive arrangement of rotating shell comprises girth gear and pinion, which are provided with a gear reducer, coupled to a suitable rating motor. Also, these are provided with separate pollution control equipments like bag filters, wet scrubbers / cyclones.

Firing Arrangement:

Several fuel types and forms are used for firing of the dryers. Gaseous, liquids and solid fuels can be applicable.

We are a prominent Rotary Dryers Coolers manufacturer offering them for drying or cooling free flowing materials. They are used for introducing drying/cooling media onto the processing material to make it dry or cool through the dryer. When the dryer rotates, this material is raised up in a sequence of inner fins lining installed on the dryers interior wall.

These dryers are provided in customized designs provided in different configurations and specifications. There equipment is divided into two categories;

  • Direct Heaters/Coolers
  • Indirect Heaters/Coolers

They are available with rotating shell that acts as a conveying device and stirrer.

Rotary Dryers Coolers Working Principal

In dryers, direct heaters and rotary coolers, the material comes in direct contact with the media that is admitted through a still inlet hood at one end as well as taken out from motionless discharge hood located at the other end. The Feed is then admitted through appropriate feeding mechanism like screw feeder or simple chute.

The rotating shell is available with specially designed showering mechanism like lifters. We design rotating speed and shell inclination to ease forward movement of the material. Drying (or cooling) takes place by transferring the heat to showering material with the media within the shell. Material is then discharged from the motionless hood using appropriate equipment like flap valve, screw conveyor or chute.

In Indirect Heaters, Rotary Coolers or Dryers

The material does not come in direct contact with the drying media. Two concentric rotating shells supported on tyre stations and rollers are available with the dryer. Feed is admitted through apt feeding mechanism such as flap valve or screw feeder into the dryer using a motionless inlet feed hood.

The drying media is fed through the inner shell towards discharge end. Then, it again returns towards feed end by a specially designed return gas passages. The inner shell is provided with appropriate radial lifters.

We design these lifters with return passages geometry for showering of feed material. Rotating and Shell inclination speed facilitates materials’ forward movement towards discharge end. Drying also takes place by heat transferring to the showering material with inner shell by direct contact & return passages. Product is also discharged from the motionless discharge hood through suitable equipment.

They are developed using high-grade steel rotating cylindrical tube supported by beams, solid steel columns or rollers and tyres arrangement. The rotary shell is available with an apt drive arrangement having girth gear and pinion that is driven with the aid of gear reducer in turn joined to a motor of an appropriate rating. Separate pollution control equipment like cyclones, bag filters, or wet scrubbers is available for fines collection. Firing arrangement with different fuel type and forms are utilized for firing of the dryers. Any gas, solid or liquid fuel can be used.

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